Curriculum vitae

Ole Siggaard-Andersen, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor emeritus, Clinical Biochemistry,

University of Copenhagen.

Former Chairman, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Herlev University Hospital

Born 1932 December 10 in Copenhagen. Son of Professor of Internal Medicine Mads Siggaard Andersen and Oda, born Høg. Twin sister and two brothers. Grew up in Gentofte north of Copenhagen. Bachelor of Arts (cum excellentia) from Gentofte State College, 1951.

Graduated 1956 as candidatus medicinae (laudabilis præ ceteris et quidem egregie), Faculty of Medicine, and in 1964 as magister scientiarum in biochemistry (Ph.D.), Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Copenhagen. 1963 doctor medicinae, University of Copenhagen (thesis: The Acid-Base Status of the Blood).

Rotating internship, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen. Authorized physician 1957. Further clinical education in internal medicine, contagious diseases, and paediatrics at various Copenhagen hospitals. Resident, Department of Clinical Chemistry, Rigshospitalet (professor Poul Astrup), 1958-61. Department of Clinical Chemistry, Blegdamshospitalet (Professor Sten Müllertz), 1964-5. Authorized specialist in Clinical Biochemistry 1964.

Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics (Professor E.D. Curnen), Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, 1965-6. Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Pathology (Professor George Brecher), University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, 1966-7. Director, Department of Clinical Chemistry ML (Pediatric Laboratory), Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen 1967-76. Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Copenhagen 1971-2003. Chairman, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Herlev University Hospital, 1976-2003 (Co-Directors Niels Fogh-Andersen and Børge G. Nordestgaard).

Board member, Danish Society for Clinical Chemistry 1971-5, president 1975-9; International Federation of Clinical Chemistry, Committee for pH, Blood Gases and Electrolytes, chairman 1976-82; Working Group on Ion-Selective Electrodes, member 1986-92; International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Committee on Quantities and Units in Clinical Chemistry, member 1976-84; European Community Concerted Action on Biomedical Engineering: Chemical Sensors for in vivo Monitoring, Project Management Group member 1989-92; Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering, board member 1989-92, chairman 1992-96; board member, Johan Boserup and Lise Boserup Foundation, since 1982.

Scientific editor, Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 1979-87; advisory editor Clinical Chemistry 1968-80; co-editor European Journal of Clinical Investigation 1980-5. External examiner in Clinical Pathology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1998-2000. Lecturer, University of Granada, 2007, Segundo Congreso National del Laboratorio Clínico, La Coruña, Espania, 2008: Mis 50 años con ácidos, bases y gases en sangre.

Present or past member, Danish Medical Association, Danish Society for Clinical Biochemistry, Danish Biochemical Society, Danish Society for Medical Informatics, Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering, The Society of Critical Care Medicine (USA). Honorary member, Asociación Bioquimica Argentina 1974, Colégio de Bioquímicos de Jujuy 1974, Asociación Médica Argentina 1979, The South African Society of Pathologists 1985, Danish Society for Clinical Biochemistry 2003..

Received Copenhagen University Award 1965, New York Health Council Career Scientist Award 1965, Pfizer Prize (Danish Medical Association) 1966, Astrup Prize (Radiometer A/S) 1980. Consul General Ernst Carlsen Award (University of Copenhagen) 1981. Henderson-Hasselbalch award (American Physiological Society and Biomedical Engineering Society) 1988. Kone Award (British Association of Clinical Biochemistry) 1992. Edwin F. Ullman Award (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) 2003. Van Slyke Award (American Association for Clinical Chemistry, New York Metropolitan Section) 2005. Knight of the Order of Dannebrog 1981, of 1st degree 1991.

Interests: pH, blood gases, electrolytes, nomography, computer algorithms, intensive care monitoring, biosensors. Tennis, bicycle racing. Previously running: year 2000 winner of 8 km road race in Hong Kong (men 50+ years). 1999 Scandinavian champion (M65), Copenhagen marathon, 3:00:43, and 10,000 meter track (39:39). Relaxes at the piano with Bach's Inventions.

Wife: Anne Mette Siggaard-Andersen, born Huhs 1938 March 4. Graduated from Gentofte State College 1956, and as candidatus juris from the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen 1982; 2007-08 senior consultant. Married 1958; five children: Mads, Nana, Marie-Louise, Niels, and Jens; eight grand children.

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Address: Olaf Poulsens Vej 7, DK-2920 Charlottenlund.